Hippity Hop, Easter's On It's Way

What a gorgeous Easter centerpiece from good ol' Martha. I love the sherbet colors of the tulips and how they are nestled in the grass to look like Easter eggs. I've also always been a fan of grouping like-colored little candies in pretty little bowls. Directions available here.

I'm on the hunt for goodies to fill Natalie and Kara's baskets. Etsy is my first stop. I'll be sure to post some of my finds!


  1. such a perfect color combination. Pastels without being to saccharin sweet. It's like Easter with an edge. Love it!

  2. How sweet, I'm sure you will find the most wonderful easter basket goodies on Etsy--it was always my favorite holiday b/c there's just no pressure and lots of chocolate + sweets. The perfect holiday.

    xo Mary Jo