Any of you fab readers out there done the whole Las Vegas bachelorette party thing? I am trying to get one together, but am overwhelmed by all the choices! What restaurant for dinner? What clubs? Should we do a limo club tour? It's starting to really stress me out, and it is in TWO WEEKS! Talk about last minute planning. So any advice and/or referrals would be sooo great. Oh, and we aren't doing anything like Thunder From Down Under, the bride's not really into that kind of thing.


  1. a good friend of mine lives in LV and knows a lot of good places as he worked for the TV News Station for years. Let me know if you need his digits!

  2. I like Pure at Caesars Palace. If there is a long line just sweet talk the bouncer, they always seem to let groups of girls cut the line. If you want a table you have to reserve them though.
    I like to eat at The Grand Lux Café at The Venetian (it’s by the founder of Cheesecake Factory).

  3. that is somewhere I have managed to avoid. Sorry, I am no help. I just saw your LIST, where have I been?! did it just go up? oh my. anyway, you are so young! wow. I am so old! I am 10 yrs older then you and that makes me feel old today.
    :) xoxo. good luck with the planning. :)