BFF's Bridal Shower

Here are some pics from the bridal shower I threw last weekend for my beautiful BFF. She is getting married next month at The Wynn in Vegas and me and the hubby are soooo excited! We're leaving the kids with my parents, too, so watch out-mommy and daddy on the loose!

Here are the mantle decorations. My camera does it no justice-the candles created a really lovely ambiance.

A detail shot of the sign I made. If you want to know how I made it shoot me an email and I would happily explain.

Candles and flowers-a bridal shower must have!

I never seem to remember to get a pic when everything is laid out as it should be. This photo was taken before I put out the strawberries and propped up an engagement photo of the bride & groom to-be in the middle.

Here is a pic at the end of the day when half the cupcakes and strawberries were gone. You can see the corner of the photo frame in this one.

Yes, even the pens had to match-I'm tellin' ya it's a sickness! Someone help me please!

Beauty shot of my cupcakes-ha!

Here we are, my BFF and me. My husband couldn't take a clear photo to save his life.
Note how my BFF has been tanning religiously and I have not.


  1. Love your dress! What a perfect shower! I never remember to get good photos either, but I think you did pretty well (mine would have only had like one cupcake left, crumbs everywhere...)

    What a lucky bride!

  2. What a splendid shower---everything from the decor to those gorgeous strawberries looks just perfect!

    And a wedding at the wynn? That's going to be SPECTACULAR!

  3. What a lucky bride to have a BFF like you! The food and decor was just beautiful.

  4. i LOVE it! So simple & elegant & the PERFECT colors! You are my style guru.
    ps. you look fabulous in that dress! are you sure you've had 2 kids?

  5. aww you look so cute! I love that mirror over your mantel by the way... I've always wanted one but usually they are SO expensive.

  6. ooo those cupcakes look very tasty!

  7. I love those mantel garlands - lovely! The whole event looked beautiful!

  8. I love all the details (even the matching pens). That sign is darling!

  9. Hey Jackie, It all looks great. I love how even your dress is colour-coordinated. Oh, and those cupcakes look divine.