Blog Music Party Week: Music For Kickin' It Old School

Don't you just love to reminisce about junior high and high school? Looking back on those days always includes memories of the songs that were the soundtrack to your life back then. I've got some doozies and can't wait to hear all yours!

A Lighter Shade of Brown-On A Sunday Afternoon

I'm going to take this one all the way back to fifth grade. I remember all the cool kids went around singing this song. One day my Grandpa took me to the music store and I asked him to buy me the tape (poor guy didn't know any better). So there I was, eight years old popping "Brown & Proud" into my tape player and singing "...sippin on a cold bottle, of brewsky..." Cuz I'm gangsta like that. Better recognize.

Red Hot Chili Peppers,"Under The Bridge"

(This isn't the regular video-it's the literal video version from Funny or Die-I just love those!)

This song takes me back to one random middle school summer. My best friend from down the street and I would roam around our neighborhood singing this song at the top of our lungs. We would watch the video on MTV at her house, because I wasn't allowed to watch it at the time. I had strict parents. But it's ok, because now I watch all the MTV I want. That's right mom, try and stop me!

Paperboy, "Ditty"

Ahhhh yeaaaah! I jammed to this one-hit-wonder in sixth grade. I still love it!

Garbage, "I'm Only Happy When It Rains"

I think I was in ninth grade when I started getting into the rocker-chick kind of music. Alanis Morissette was also in heavy rotation back then. But don't worry, I didn't dress in all black or anything like that. I was just digging on the angsty lyrics. You know, because things just get so much more complicated in high school!

TLC, "No Scrubs"

I had to include a song that reminds me of my senior year in high school. I picked this song because it played over and over and over again at Disneyland for Grad Nite. There was this big double-decker bus driving around with Mickey, Goofy and a gaggle of seriously stoked seniors waving and dancing, and I swear every time I saw it this song was blaring from it's speakers. Then, every club we went to (they had DJ's in certain areas that they cleared out and designated as "clubs") was playing this song. "Noooooo. Scruuuuuuuubs." We didn't care though, we just kept singing along, thinking we were so cool partying at Disneyland at two in the morning.

I'm stoked that so many of you joined in our party yesterday! I had so much fun checking out everyone's happy songs. If you are just tuning in, check out the details here for how you can get in on this action. It's not too late to join in!

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Sweet Erin of Perfect Sentiment took us back in her musical time machine here.


  1. I wasn't "allowed" to watch MTV either...so I watched it at all of my friends' houses and then conned my parents into thinking VH1 wasn't the same thing as MTV and got that okayed.

    Hey, back then, it WASN'T the same thing!

  2. I couldn't resist...Check out my picks :)

    No MTV for me either!

  3. We didn't have cable until I was in high school. I remember seeing the Take On Me video at a friend's house when I was little and it's always been a favorite ever since.

    Oh, and I loved Garbage and will now have that song in my head for the remainder of the day. It's a good thing as I had Elmo singing "Elmo's World" in my head before that. ;)

  4. I listened to paper boy with my friends ALL the time. We thought itwas so cool!

  5. My parents went as far as blocking the MTV channel from our TV. I would always want to watch it when I went to my friend's houses.