When It Rains, It Pours

This is my beloved 6 year old kitty Mookie. He's a lot cuter without the ghastly red eye -I promise. So last Thursday I noticed he was acting rather lethargic and started throwing up excessively. As the day went on he got worse, and we ended up having to take him to the emergency vet clinic that night. To make a long story short, his urethra was blocked and his bladder was very enlarged because he could not urinate. They told me this happens a lot with indoor cats due to not enough moisture in their diet (he eats dry food most of the time). So they performed a surgery on him that ended up costing $1700.00. Well, it didn't work, so I had to take hime back to the vet on Monday. They suggested repeating the surgery to try and unblock him some more. The estimate they gave me was another $1000.00. He is still there, and if all goes well he can come home tomorrow afternoon...but now he has a high fever that they are concerned about. Plus, if this surgery does not work, he will have to have a different surgery done that costs close to $2000.00. So when all is said and done, I could end up spending around $4700.00 to fix my cat. I don't know about you, but I don't have that kinda cash sitting around. Needless to say I'm pretty down in the dumps, and just want poor Mookie to get better.

Then, this morning when I woke up and turned on my computer, I was greeted by a monitor that is no longer working. It is only over a year old, but I cannot find the receipt for the life of me in order to use the manufacturer's warranty. I am using a loaner monitor for the time being while I figure out what to do...I guess I might have to buy a new one. It's frustrating because I just got through all the crazy virus crap that my computer had, and now I am having this problem.

Sorry to be such a downer, I just needed to vent. I feel a bit better now.


  1. bummer dude. that stuff always seems to happen to me that way too... I'll be thinking of you. Keep your chin up! :)

  2. aww, that is terrible. I am so sorry.

    i hope things get better. ill keep you in my prayers.

  3. I'm soo sorry. I am a cat person, and I know how special a pet can be, but I totally understand the finance situation. I hope Mookie feels better soon!

  4. Oh, I'm so sorry! I will keep him in my thoughts and hope he gets well soon!!!

  5. so sorry to hear that, Mookie is so cute, i had a similar problem & hates the vet for it, my cat panda had a big hair ball in her stomach & for some reason can't get it out by herself but it took the vets a week & 3 operations (&2000 pounds) to find the reason of her having a high fever & not being well is because of this. i mean how come after 7 (or whatever it is) year of training as a vet, they can't identify a simple problem? in the end pando got better just in time and i hope mookie will too


  6. Hi there,

    I found your blog through the bright side project, my name is jacqleen, tristan is featuring my photography as the prize....
    I just stumbled on your blog cause your name was jackie :) and , oh my gosh, my cats name is mookie also. I have never heard many people who call there cat mookie. Its not even my cats real name, it just came to me one day and now I cant call her anything else...her name "destiny" doesn't even ring a bell to me. she was mookie from week three as a baby.

    Anyway, my deepest love and hope goes out to you. I know how devistating it can be to loose your kitty. Some people get it, some dont. But for me, when I lost one of mine a couple years ago, it was like loosing my best friend, a family member, that cat was my everything. Not that your mookie is going to go anywhere, sorry, dont let me even put anything in your head, I just feel your pain.

    But I have a feeling, mookies prevail :) and I will pray for the little one.

    Take care love.

    (my mookie is here right now on my lap, wondering why I look sad, shes in the "mook" club so she knows somethin's up;)

    Hope you feel better, I send you a big hug

  7. He is so precious by the way. My mookie is six also. shes a girl. but she acts like a boy. shes going to send out some cosmic kitty sensories of well-being his way :)

  8. Oh, Jackie. I am so sorry about your cat! Having your pets in pain is one of the worst feeling and I am so sorry that you to go through it! I am definitley thinking about you and Mookie.

  9. That's miserable. I'm sorry. Vent away.

  10. i'm so sorry! what a terrible week you are having. i know this may sound annoying now but days like this make the good days all the more appreciated. chin up! the sun will always come out tomorrow! :-)

  11. So sorry to hear about Mookie - I know how hard it is when your pet gets sick. I'll be thinking of you and hoping your week gets better.