Python Power

I have been love, love loving this gray python print lately! Any of these pieces would be a welcome addition to my home.


Of course, seeing as how I am always on a budget, I sought out a cheaper DIY alternative. Here's what I am thinking:

Take one little side table (which I already have):

Paint it white, then decoupage a python print paper to the top. A quick google search found this 6 foot roll of contact paper for only $9.99:
Or maybe just line a cute little tray with it for the top of the table? Decisions, decisions.


  1. i can not wait to see it! looks hard to do though- I would stick it wrong. do the photos as you do it!

  2. I think a little tray... then if you get tired of it, it'll be easy to switch out (or cover that!).

    I actually think that little table would be so chic in a pretty french gray.

  3. I love the shape of your table--so much prettier than the one from NM. I think, go for it, it will be the best DIY and you must show after photos!

    xo mary jo

  4. tray! the wood sidetable you already have is so classic you might miss it in like 2 years and you can't get that pretty wood finish back! Mos def a tray. Just get a cheap one from a thrift store and spray paint and use the same python paper :)

  5. oooooh, please post the outcome of your DIY project! i think you should do just the top of the table in the python with the remaining part of the table whtie.
    I can't wait to see.