Mookie is Home!

This pic was taken by Natalie, my little aspiring photographer, this past Christmas

I want to thank everyone so very much who sent Mookie their well wishes. It made my day reading all your sweet comments, and I am sure Mook was feeling the good vibes. He is now home with me, and seems to be back to his old self again. From here on out he is on a special diet and we need to really monitor his urination frequency to make sure he doesn't get blocked again. If he does, he will need one final surgery that should fix the problem alltogether (which they explained it as being like a sex-change operation-yikes!). Hopefully he will remain in good health, and we will not need to go to that extreme. You really can't put a price on pets, so I am just so relieved and happy that he is home, and am trying not to dwell on the money that was spent. Better extend my shopping hiatus a few more months...


  1. so glad to hear Mookie is back home with you, that's a gorgeous photo too!

  2. Oh, I am so so happy that he is better and back home with you! He is adorable:)