Coolest stationary items ever available at iomoi. Just browsing through the bold graphic patterns, bright colors and funky little animals made for a mighty good time. The only problem would be picking just one! I am really digging the little Sophie The Giraffe invite shown above for a baby shower or birth announcement.
My other favorite graphic has to be this top hat seahorse :
How cool is he?

You can even sign up for their e-stationary line. $15 will get you a full year membership to a variety of different styles of email templates, so you can send email in style. Here is a little example of what an email message would look like:

Just a fun little way to add style to your day. They update designs frequently, and they recently had tons of chic Valentine designs. So go check it out and let me know what your favorite designs are!


  1. I love there trays! That is one dapper and very cool seahorse.

  2. Love this stationery - too funny since I talked about stationery today too. We must be on the same page! That little seahorse graphic is so fun... wish I had a summer home to announce!! :)

  3. that seahorse made me smile oh so big. :-) love it.