Got a minute to drool with me?

I ran across this room:

last night on Desire to Inspire , which intrigued me enough to click on the link to the designer, Frank Roop's portfolio. Well, I sat there drooling for about thirty minutes (a helpful distraction when you are avoiding the dirty dishes) before downloading a crap ton of images to share with you sweeties.

What really drew me in is his use of a base of neutrals with pops of color added through accessories.

I also love when a family/living room area has an unexpected grouping of seating, such as these two chaise's instead of a sofa and loveseat:

Or this pair of chairs flanked by tufted footstools:

Or this grouping of four oversized chairs (You have to check out the photo full size here, to really appreciate it. A.mazing.):

I'm a sucka for a slipper chair:

Ummm, only the most amazing headboard ever:

Lordy, I just can't take it, I love it so much. A question for my design savvy friends out there: what is the name of these chairs that are woven like this-the black one in the bottom right hand corner?

In a majority of his dining rooms, he uses bench seating, which I have always been drawn to. He also livens up the space with a dramatic lighting fixture overhead.
Isn't this lamp the coolest:

This one is quite interesting as well, though not really my cup 'o tea:

Love this open and airy space, but I think a bold geometric print fabric on the dining chairs would be nice:

Last, but not least, this interesting entry vignette is really tickling my fancy. My next trip to the beach I am for sure going to collect some driftwood...


  1. drooling with you! what lovely rooms, i'm in love with that first living room!

  2. I love the little nook in the first pic. Plus, the colors in all the spaces are great. I really like all the jewel tones.

  3. I consider myself a chair nerd but I was totally stumped on this one! Of course I couldn't rest until I found out exactly which chair was in that gorgeous photo!

    Follow along for a peak into my insanity:

    First was a trip to Design Within Reach which sells the Risom lounge chair from Danish-American designer Jens Risom: http://tinyurl.com/dm9vtc
    A lovely piece from an iconic designer to be sure, but not quite the one in question!

    So then I got a whiff of some similar chairs designed by 20th century master Alvar Aalto---The 406 lounge chair is webbed an has a similar shape, and I had my hopes up but again it wasn't quite right: http://www.nest-living.com/products/artek-aalto-406-lounge-chair

    Then a google image search yielded paydirt! Our chair? The Eva Chair from lesser known Swedish Designer Bruno Mathsson: http://tinyurl.com/bysbbm

    Never let it be said that I back down in the face of a challenge! And I have to say that of the three webbed chairs, I like the eva the best--those curvy arms are killer! First produced in 1936, it was orginally made with hemp webbing but later editions also come in leather. how gorgeous is this one from the 60's? http://www.bondandbowery.com/item/5366

    Okay, I'd better stop before you REALLY start to think I'm crazy! Thanks Jackie for throwing this fun scavenger hunt my way!

  4. very drool worthy!
    the blue velvet chairs are stunning with the grey drapery

  5. I am in love with these photos! I love the teal chairs, and the tufted furniture. Gorgeous!