Check It Out: kelly + olive

Recently I happened upon the blog modern homebody, and saw that they were having a giveaway that entitled the winner to a free custom moodboard makeover for the room of their choice. Well, I just love a good moodboard makeover so I had to enter! Guess what? I won!

The ladies behind the blog, Courtney and Laura have a business called kelly + olive, in which they provide various interior design services. The moodboard service I received consisted of:

  • color palette advice
  • furniture and accessory suggestions
  • ideas for revamping current furniture
  • furniture layout suggestions
They asked me a few simple questions via email, I sent them photos of my room, and within 24 hours I received my 6, count 'em 6 page presentation! I was blown away by what an awesome job they did. I wanted our family room to be more light, fun and fresh, which would reflect our family dynamic better than our current setup. The ladies really hit the nail on the head, and came up with ideas that I just love and hopefully will get to implement soon (just going to take a little buttering up of the ol' hubby). What is so great about their services is summed up in their manifesto: "We will help you fall back in love with your stuff."

Here are a few images from the presentation:

Cover page:

Color palette suggestions:
Suggestions for revamping my inherited Wingback chair and side table, as well as some cool artwork:
To view the rest of the pages, hop on over to the kelly + olive blog, where they have posted a nifty little slideshow.

I have been putting off redoing my family room for so long because I could never seem to make final decisions as to which direction I wanted to take the room. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to give you a push in the right direction, which is exactly what Courtney and Lauren have done for me. So go check them out in all their glory:

modern homebody blog
kelly + olive website
kelly + olive blog (in which they just posted an awesome presentation for a baby girl's nursery that you should definitely check out)


  1. What great suggestions! I wonder if that's the Marimekko fabric I like in the top photo - is it, the one in green? If not, what is it - I think it's great.

  2. Oh cool! I'll have to go check it out. Your board looks great.

  3. this looks stunning. great direction.

  4. congratulations, the mood boards looks amazing! i love all the fresh green, pale blue and soft brown colours, so lovely!

  5. That is so exciting - lucky you! Great their ideas... and can't wait to see how you'll implement them! Love the idea of the blue accent wall!

  6. Wow, so lucky. Like I've said before, I love your style.

  7. so cool! I haven't ever read that blog, so thanks for the tip and can't wait to see the updates you make on your living room! such great suggestions.

  8. Ok, I must have been living under a rock or something. Because I just found your blog, and it's fantastic! And I love these ideas from kelly+olive. Can't wait to see what you do with your family room.