Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing

I picked up this book for Natalie awhile back and have been meaning to share it with you. The title of the book pretty much says it all. It is filled with funny little illustrations proving the point that it is just rather silly for animals to wear clothes. I just love a book that will make the little ones giggle. Here are a few images I found online, because I am too lazy to scan them myself:

"Because it might make life hard for a hen."

"Because a kangaroo would find it quite unnecessary."

"Because a camel might wear it in the wrong places."

You can purchase the soft cover version at amazon here, with used copies selling for as little as 50 cents.


  1. I just love kids books... I'll be so sad when my kids grow out of them. Such cute pics!

  2. I am saving this on my Amazon list as a gift idea for my nieces. I think I'll love it as much as they will!

  3. so adorable, the illustrations are so cute!

  4. Love these illustrations - I'm going to bookmark this for a gift for my kids b/c they'll think it's hilarious.