Would You...

Spend $30 for one four piece set of "Deluxe Plastic Flatware"? Check out their sales pitch: "Dispense with stuffy formality and exhibit the elegance of a fun, confident point of view. Plastic fantastic reusable 4-piece place setting stamped with traditional Italian silverware patterns." Give me a break people! It's plastic! I'll go to Dollar Tree and buy one, 100 piece set of floppy plastic flatware thankyouverymuch.


  1. There must be something wrong with me...because I look at that and all I think is "Ohhh! Pink! Must get them!"

    Pink...it is a sickness. :P


  2. They're certainly pretty... but not $30 pretty! That's more than we spent on our "fancy" flatware!

  3. the colours are fun but that is quite pricy! will have to inspect the quality in person though, can just about see some details down the handles, maybe that's the reason?

  4. The colors are bright and fun but I would never in a million years spend $30 on them-especially being plastic! Good grief, I am right there with you and the trusty Dollar Tree :)