Shopping Spree

Fueling the fashion phase fire (say that ten times fast) this past weekend the hubs took me on a bit of a shopping spree. For some reason he wanted me to buy a new dress, a black and white polka dot dress to be exact. I have no idea where he got this idea, and to tell you the truth a polka dot dress really isn't my style. Of course, I'm not one to turn down a shopping trip, so off we went to look for a dress. First stop ended up being the Macy's clearance rack, where I didn't find a dress, but did end up buying four tops for $60! Had I bought them at full price they would have cost me a whopping $229!

One of the shirts I bought is this beauty by Studio M, regularly $89, but I snagged it for $15:

Made of 100% silk, it is a sheer flowy top that I just love. It seems fairly versatile, as I think it can be dressed up or down for a variety of looks. Plus, it's in my three favorite clothing colors: black, white and gray!

Then, I meandered over to the sunglasses and bought a pair of Guess Aviators for $18, regularly $55. Score! I had been looking for a pair of aviators that were exactly the right shape and size to suit my features for what seemed like forever.

I finally did end up finding a nice dress to, at Kohls of all places. It is a Simply by Vera Wang, and was 80% off: regularly $78, it cost me only $15! It is actually a lot nicer looking in person as the colors are a lot more muted. The turquoise flowers below are actually a slate blue, and the orange flowers have more of a brownish tint to them. I really fell in love the painterly look of the print. Any ideas on how to accessorize?
I also got a chunky gold bracelet by Vera Wang, but could not find a photo online. All in all, it was a very successful shopping day!


  1. $89 reduced to $15? wow what a great find! it's so beautiful as well, well done you! ;)

  2. Great finds..! That floral print dress is looking very beautiful. I too got a floral print dress from Kohls.

  3. Love the dress! I would do it up with piles of sparkly jewelry - either loaded around the neck or around the wrists...even for daytime. And for shoes, a tough, cage-style leather sandal for day...for night, something sexy and metallic!

  4. I love the colours of that dress. Lovely.

  5. You found the perfect specs...love them! We are in house saving mode which means no shopping pour moi so it's fun to see your scores. Luckily we live hours from a mall here in Whistler. Hope your computer survives...