Mystery Tree

My home is depressingly void of houseplants. I have one little guy named Henry up on my mantle that I bought at IKEA a few months ago, and I just love him (yes-I gave him a name and gender-don't you?). He is holding up pretty well considering my black thumb. I come from a long line of gardeners with green thumbs, so I really don't know what went wrong with me. My grandmother was a member of her local garden club for years. Every time she had a show she would bring me and I would wander through the rows and rows of floral arrangements in awe. She had a wonderfully lush backyard full of blooming beauties that I would play in and let my imagination run wild. I really want to try to improve my gardening skills, so I am going to take baby steps and start inside.

I had recently been noticing a lovely tree popping up in lots of interior shots, but I had no idea what it was:

Via flickr

Well, upon reading the current issue of House Beautiful, the mystery is solved. Celerie Kimble gave a tip in the 101 Designers, 101 Makeovers article:

"Buy a tree in a basket or planter and put it in your loneliest corner. I love a fiddle leaf fig for it's sweet platypus bill-like leaves."

I immediately knew that she must be describing my mystery tree! A quick google later confirmed that it is in fact a fiddle leaf fig. My next goal is to find where to purchase one locally. I would like a smaller one like in the last photo. Like I said, baby steps!


  1. I love the last bedroom picture! I want my room that color, it just looks so soothing!

  2. yes, if you find out where to purchse, please do tell us! I need more "green" too.

  3. I so know what you mean! My mom's garden looks like something you should pay to get into to see, while I can barely keep two houseplants alive. I have a cactus and a jade plant, and occasionally an orchid.

    Would love a tree like the one you show...I'll have to start keeping a look-out!

  4. if you find out what that tree is PLEASE tell me as I want to buy one sooo badly for my house! I love that!!!

  5. It IS a fiddle-leaf fig... the leaves are large and shaped like fiddles! They are awesome plants and come smaller, but rapidly grow, they do well in offices, etc - I used to have one but killed it - i too have a black thumb, especially with indoor plants! Outdoor I can do, but inside is another story!

    Contact a local florist (if they have a plantscape service) or I know our local home depot has a lot of indoor plants this time of year! Keep us posted!

  6. too bad you don't live in dallas. i just spotted three perfect fiddle leaf figs... medium size ones at sunshine minature trees for under $100. i'm seriously coveting one!