The Look For Less: Britney Spears

I haven't done one of these in awhile. When I saw this pic of Britney, I thought she looked so fresh and happy. I like the relaxed vibe of the outfit, but what really caught my attention was the fab red purse. Anyone know the designer? I spend awhile googling, but to no avail. Britney's Michael Kors Toggle Coat alone (here is a similar one) would set you back at least $360. Here is my thrifty re-creation, where you can get it all for under the price of the coat:

Coat, Overstock.com-$94.99
Scarf, Gap-$24.50
Jeans, Charlotte Russe, $68
Purse, JC Penney-$39.99
Top, Forever 21-$13.80
Rosary, MetroPark-$19
Shoes, Zappos-$67.50

Grand Total: $327.78

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  1. what a great post, i love britney + she looks great! and to be able to dress like her, so fun! ;)

  2. i love the beige coat (the one you found ;) as it's so gorgeous and bank balance friendly too!)

  3. wow thats cool, you should do more of these.

  4. Great finds :o) I love the quotes from goodreads you've got in your sidebar. The one by Ralph Waldo Emerson about making your own Bible is great! Happy New Year!