Computer Hell Update

Yeah, so I have some crazy "Seneca Anti-Virus" virus (how's that for an oxy-moron?). The computer people are booked out until next Wednesday, so until than I am still trying to stay off the computer. I can get online ok, but pop-ups and a slow connection make it rather difficult to do the usual surfing...wait do people say "surfing" anymore? That sounded kinda lame.

Anyway, I'm checking in here and there when I can, but probably won't be back in full force until after next Wednesday. Hope you all are doing ok without me, cause let me tell ya I am pretty lonely over here without my blog friends. Thanks to all who left comments and suggestions on how to fix the problem-unfortunately it took over more of my computer than I thought, and I cannot fix it on my own. Take care lovelies!


  1. happy weekend and hope your computer get fixed soon! x

  2. Sorry about your computer! No fun at all!

  3. missing you! hee hee. Blogging cracks me up! Your a favorite of mine- so can't wait till you are back girl :) Happy Sunday.