Wrap It Up!

My "forever" house that I can't wait to own one day must have ample room for a gift wrapping station. How wonderful to have a space where all your wrapping supplies are beautifully organized.

An ample table top is key when you will be wrapping pressies of all shapes and sizes. Give your precious papers the royal treatment on a hanging rack all their own.

More musts: rattan baskets to hold extra swirls of ribbon, crinkled paper filling and tissue paper...

...and galvanized buckets filled to the brim with bits and baubles to adorn your packages.

Images via Country Living


  1. I know! You should see my friend Cyndi's house. OMG-to die for room dedicated to wrapping and crafts and it is bigger then my kids rooms! Seriously to die for. Another life! Me, I do it on the kitchen island.
    :) love dreaming though-

  2. Um yes please! This would certainly be a nice change from my living room floor. Love those beg boards, and the galvanized buckets too. If you ever get a room like this, can I bring all my gifts to wrap at your place?

  3. I have a small gift wrapping station. I wish I had more room because I am always buying wrapping paper and ribbon. I can't get enough.

  4. Jackie, what an absolutely stunning blog! And this post has my heart instantly!!! - Wrapping is my all time favourite thing and I so need this wrapping station right now! xx

  5. that would be so lovely to have! ahhhh, it makes me just want to get a new house and have a cute little room for everything, haha. my gift wrapping station consists of the gift wrap stuffed in the corner and tape + scissors on my desk. ;)