Winter Inspiration Board

I made this inspiration board last month to send over to Melanie, and have been meaning to post it here. Holly from decor8 just posted her current inspiration board, so it reminded me to do the same. I had a lot of fun putting this together. The focus was more on the fashion side, but a few interiors and other misc. inspiring images made it on there too.

I really loved the image of the horse and ox drudging through a snowstorm. The brightly colored blankets draped on their backs popping against the stark white snow and the blacks and grays of their fur. This was from the Fall/Winter Hermes ad campaign.

This crisp, classic bedroom is calling my name. Tailored bedsheets piled high, a fresh green bouquet and chic reading lamp resting upon two vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases. Divine!

Rich jewel tones are always a winter favorite of mine. This year my favorite has definitely been a deep cobalt blue. I am also loving red and emerald.

I've always loved big blooming branches as a statement piece in interiors. Also great for decor at any occasion: just add ornaments for Christmas, cherry blossoms for Easter, hearts for Valentines, etc. Rachel Bilson is one of my celebrity style icons, so there are quite a few photos of her in my favorite looks sprinkled around my board. In this photo, I am digging her white pants with knee high boots. If I keep it up at the gym, I might just be able to pull off a look like this! The woman on the right is a look I fall back on frequently: black pants with a boldly colored/printed top.

I really loved the photo of the girl in the silk turquoise top and mustard pants; an unusual yet lovely color combo in my opinion. I wish I had the courage to wear ensembles like that!

I finished this board the night election results were coming in, so the Drew Barrymore photo had to be included! What is more inspirational than hope for the future?

The hair and makeup on Giselle is what I would love to emulate for a sexy night on the town with my hubby. I love slightly messy, tousled hair and darkly lined cat eyes with nude lips.

This photo of Rachel Bilson in the white silk Dior gown is my all-time favorite. The dress is beyond beautiful, and she looks so elegant and classy. This would be my ultimate red carpet look. The dresses and ring are a few more cobalt blue items that I love. The effortless chic look of the girl in the beret checking her mail is something I aspire to. I must say, I look pretty ridiculous in hats though. It's not necessarily the outfit, but just the vibe she is giving off that inspires me.

Overall, I realized that I definitely lean toward a comfortable, classic aesthetic. I also tend to gravitate towards neutrals, but like a pop of jewel toned color here and there. I will definitely be using my board as a guiding source for future purchases/decisions in any style related category. In the end, I think it will save me from making rash decisions that I will regret later (which is something I am famous for).

I hope you have enjoyed my little Winter Inspiration Board. If you would like to whip one up of your own, send me a link to your post, or if you don't have a blog email it to me. I would love to see yours, they are so...well, inspiring!


  1. that was so fun to look at! Thanks for sharing!!! have a great day!

  2. Great board! I love so many of the little details...you really managed to fit a lot in! I absolutely adored that Kirsten Dunst shoot in Vanity Fair, for example. And I also love Rachel Bilson's style! I think it has something to do with her being so petite--she pulls off looks that someone more hulking (such as myself!) could never get away with no matter how many trips I take to the gym!

    Okay, now that you're done with winter, when can we see spring? ;)