A Practical Christmas

Miss Aimee from Mostly Mod made a list of her practical needs for Christmas this year and encouraged me to join in. You know I'm a sucker for joining in "blogtivities" as I like to call them , so here is my list.

1. My two favorite Benefit makeup products that I ran out of months ago and have been to cheap to replenish.

2. Loads of storage bins for organizing Natalie & Kara's toys and clothes. They are getting so out of hand. I've slowly been working on #9 of my list. Today I have been trying to go through a lot to give away, but am having a really hard time. I think "Oh, she looked so cute when she wore that" or "But so-and-so bought that for her" or "What if she misses it when it's gone?" Anyone else have this problem?? I need help letting go.

3. New knives. Mine are horrible. Plus I would like a block to store them in for the counter so the girls can't reach them. For some reason our pull out drawers in the kitchen won't fit any of the child-proof latches on the market. I'm not a big fan of cluttered kitchen counters, but I think it's the only other option to keep them out of reach. Any suggestions of great knives out there?

4. Curtains to cover Natalie's closet. I somehow managed to break the sliding doors, so my hubby took them off. I am taking the opportunity to replace them with pretty curtains instead of new doors. I've always liked the way that looks.

5. A home recycling center to help me get organized and motivated to tackle #14 on my list.


  1. I like the idea of curtains over the closet - so sweet and girly.

    And I can never have enough storage bins; especially the clear ones! Fun list!

  2. Looks like just the right list. I think we could use it in our place in Berlin, Germany (recently started blogging about it!). The knives would be especially nice at our house. I like your images to go with everything.

  3. oh great post!!! okay- We have knives: Miracle Blades (my husband is a sucker and bought off an info-tv deal- money back garantee, hee hee). We have had them for 10 yrs adn LOVEEEE them. I think the set with block was liek 49.00. They are so cool. Look them up! I went to teh container store last yr and got three bins one white and two black and they stack and made lables that read 1.cans metal glass 2.paper 3. plastic and the kids and everyone understand teh recycling system really well. I have it in our laundry room.
    :) cheers

  4. I love those sweet curtains. And I always put my favorite Benefit products on my Christmas list, because I'm just too cheap to buy them.