It's My Blogiversary! (You should probably read this because a Giveaway is involved).

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All right! Now we're talkin'!

So I realized recently that it will be my one year "Blogiversary" on December 21st. Time sure flies when you're having fun. So in the spirit of celebration, I will be having a little giveaway to thank you dear readers for stopping by my silly little blog.

Item #1 ($40 value)

This lovely letterpress print from Satsuma Press . This was a limited edition run, and is no longer available, so won't you feel extra special if you win? Good, because you should.

Some of the details:

My garden

A limited edition collaboration
Design by Yoo-ii + letterpress printing by Satsuma Press

*These limited edition are letterpress printed on 6"x 16" Rives BFK Arches fine printing paper with hand mixed inks. They are available as a set of four 4x6 prints.

*Each set is letter press printed with description of the project in slate gray ink on the back.

*Colors used here are lemony yellow, lime green, olive green.

*Limited edition of 98 sets

Item #2 ($11 value)

Set of two fun fabric wrapped bracelets from Kelly McCaleb Handmade. A cute way to snazzy up any outfit.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me how you made it over here to my neck of the woods, mainly because I am nosy and always wonder about those things. Or just say hello and introduce yourself, because I would really love to get to know you!

You have until this Sunday December 14th to enter. I will randomly draw two names on Monday morning and announce the winners! Whoo Hoo! Lots of fun! I like to use exclamation points because I am very enthusiastic! And no anonymous entries please, because then how will I know who you are if you win?

Good luck and thanks for reading!

*Editor's note for clarification: I will put the name of each person who enters into a bowl and draw two names. The first name I draw get's Item #1 and the second name I draw will receive Item #2.*


  1. Yay for anniversaries! I love that letterpress print. I have another one of her designs hanging up in my apartment.

    I found you because you sent me a list of your favorite things for a project I did on my blog. I'm sure glad we connected. You always have great finds.

    And yes, Elf is one of my all time favorite movies too.

  2. Oh no! I can't remember how I found you. Did you find me and then I found you? Did we find each other through comments on some other blog? I have no idea, honestly.
    But happy blogiversary! It's so sweet of you to do a giveaway. I love reading your blog every morning over my cup of tea.

  3. I can't remember how I got here...haha! I think your nursery post was posted on another blog and then I clicked and ended up here. Now, I check it everyday! My name is Annie (I have a blog here: anniehinton.tumblr.com), I'm 23 and you post the cutest things. I actually come here hoping that you'll post more new things during the holiday season so I can get some gift ideas. Anyway, thanks for writing!

  4. hmmm. can't remember either how we found each other- but your blog is favorite read daily!! i am enthusiastic too!!!! hee hee. Happy anniversary! i love give-a-ways! so fun!! pick me pick me. Loving the letterpress, always.

  5. happy blogiversary! i found your great blog off of "My life from A-Z". my name is tara and i live in atlanta, ga. and i check your posts regularly for ideas. thanks for never disappointing!

  6. happy blogiversary! i love reading your blog & have loved becoming friends!
    ps. how might one be considered for this giveaway? i want the letterpress! :-)

  7. Happy Anniversary. To be honest, I cannot remember how I got to find your blog. I am forever reading them these days and go from one blog link to another. Sorry. Love the letterpress print and the bangles are quite funky too.

  8. Happy anniversary Jackie! I first found your blog from your list you wrote. I think I even commented on that post telling you how I found you.

    Here's to many more great posts! xx


    Well, I first came across your blog, I don't quite remember how! But I've been a fan ever since! Lovely giveaway, thanks Jackie!

  10. what fun items! i have some of mrs. mccaleb's bracelets, too. i'd love some more! i came over here from your comment on MY giveaway! but i've been here before, i think you link to my room somewhere. :)

    happy blogiversary!

  11. Congrats on your first year of blogging! I always love to check out your blog!

  12. Happy blogiversary! I, too, can't remember exactly how I stumbled upon your blog, but I think it may have been while I was madly searching for nursery decor items.

    Either way, I'm very happy to have found you, as you always have great ideas, and I never would have found my favorite Friends of Violet print if it weren't for you!

  13. Yay! Congrats your Blogiversary!

    I think you found me first, and I tracked back to your lovely blog from a comment you left on one of my posts... And I'm so glad I did! Here's to another year of blogging!

  14. Happy anniversary. This is my first time to your blog and I simply LOVE IT and I'll be coming back for more! :]