Gift Guide: For The Kiddos

I never really thought much about kid toys before I became a mom. Now it seems as though they are taking over my life. I never would have imaged that my almost three-year-old would be able to accumulate so. many. toys.

A few things that I have learned about toys through these past three years:
1. Anything with music, talking, singing, lights flashing, etc will have your ready to pull your hair out after about five minutes.
2. Any toy with a million parts and pieces are a big pain, not only just to clean up, but because you will find said pieces for the rest of your years in the most random places.
3. Stuffed animals multiply while you are sleeping.

With that being said, here are a few toys I wouldn't mind to have hanging around the house:

Top left: Blackboard Globe from Muji, approx $11.70 US dollars. We all love blackboards, and I really like this twist on the theme. This is something you could do yourself as well. Find a globe at the thrift store, buy some chalkboard paint at the hardware store and go to town.

Top right: World in a Bag from Muji, approx $26.40 US dollars. A fun variation of classic building blocks. Anything with an Eiffel Tower in it and I am sold. Plus they are cool enough to leave out on display in their off time.

Bottom left: Finger Puppets from Modern Tots, $34 for a set of five. Interesting colors and patterns spiffy up the owl, moose, racoon, bunny and bear in this set.

Bottom right: Organic Play Dough Set from Clementine Art, $38. This set contains six scented tubs of dough in lemon, orange, key lime, cherry, strawberry and grape. It also comes equipped with two patterned roller, a hammer and a rolling cutter. Reviews say this stuff is the bees knees; it doesn't crumble up like regular playdough, and the six scents actually smell like their namesakes.

Train Set, IKEA, $14.99. Kids love to play with trains. Just go down to your local Barnes and Noble and check out the little Thomas the Train setup they've got going. Kids swarm that thing and will circle around and around the track for hours if you'd let them. I recently picked this set up from IKEA for Natalie and she loves it. I like the nice simple design and that isn't too big when all set up.

You can't go wrong with dress-up clothes. What little boy could resist his very own super-hero cape? And little girls love to twirl around in tutus.

Top left: Wool Felt Crown by Cozy Blue $30
Top right: Little Hero Cape by Discovery Denim, $40
Bottom left: Pirate Tutu and Kool Kid Legs Combo, by Mama Runs With Scissors, $27
Bottom right: Fairy Princess Wand by Miss Bellas Room, $7

Softies! A unique, handmade softie is much, much cooler than your mass produced stuffed animal.
Top left: Lela Doll by My Cakies, $38
Top right: Silas by Tiddlywinks, $25
Bottom left: Softie Elephant by Maiden Love, $25 and free shipping!
Bottom right: 4 Garden Knome Softies by Sew Sew Suck Ur Toe, $44

Personalized "Office supplies" are fun for little worker bees.
Left: Personalized Learn To Print Flat Notes by Whisker Graphics, $18 for set of 10
Right: Custom Name Bookplate Rubber Stamp by Corrabelle, $20


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  2. fabric garden gnomes--too much! :)