Destination 2009

Can you believe it is going to be 2009 in a few days? This year seriously went by too fast.

In lieu of a giant list of resolutions, I like to choose one theme for the year that serves as a guide in all areas of my life. This year my theme is...


Simplify my daily routines
Simplify my possessions
Simplify my finances
Simplify my parenting
Simplify my health
Simplify my blog

You will definitely be hearing more about this in future posts, perhaps in weekly installments. We shall see. I don't want to make it too complicated ;)

Oh, and I will continue whittling down my list too (Which I guess is like a giant list of resolutions. Whatev.)

So do tell, what are your resolutions and/or theme for 2009?

Simplify letterpress card here.


  1. sounds like a great idea, to simplify things! I've not decided on mine yet, i've still got a couple of days left right? ;)

  2. Great quote, great plan. Can't wait to hear how this manifests itself in the weeks and months to come!

    I wish I could say I have a theme for the new year, but instead I just have a random assortment of tiny goals: try a new recipe every week, make a gym workout schedule and stick to it...that sort of thing! and one big goal too, to write a book, but we'll see how far that goes!