Up In The Gym Just Workin' On My Fitness

I joined the gym. I had to. The baby weight just isn't coming off as easily as it did the first time around. I think it is the lethal combination of this being my second pregnancy, not nursing for as long as I did the first time, and being two years closer to 30. (I mean everything goes south after 30 right? I kid, I kid.)

I have about ten pounds to lose before I am at pre-pregnancy weight, but while I am at it, I wouldn't mind losing five more on top of that.

My inspiration is Miss Jennifer Love Hewitt:

I would say her body type and mine are very similar. I have some extra tummy weight to lose, as well as I would like to slim down in my hip/thigh/butt area. Let's just say I'm "Bootylicious".

I have never been a big fan of working out, and am not very sporty. Growing up and throughout high school and college I was in dance and cheerleading, so I think that helped keep me in shape. You want to know the only thing motivating me to get to the gym: A whole hour of uninterrupted "me" time. That's right folks, selfishness is what is making me get my lazy butt get in gear. I can watch the news at 6:30 in the morning without my daughter waking up and begging me to turn it to "her shows".

I am taking suggestions as to some motivating music to load up the ipod with to listen to at the gym. So far I have a lot of Britney & Christina. Cheesy I know, but the pop music does it for me.

Also taking suggestions as to work out regimes. Right now I am just doing 45 minutes on the treadmill, but I know I need to start incorporating some weights too. There is a class available called "Butts & Guts" that I think I might sign up for. Only problem is that it is on Mondays at 12:45, which would mean I would have to bring both girls down there with me to leave them in the daycare center, and that just sounds like too much hassle.

So if I am a little quieter around the blog world, it's because I am, in the fine words of Fergie: "Up in the gym, just workin' on my fitness."


  1. Beyonce, you must have Beyonce on your iPod.

    I'll be joining your ranks, as soon as this baby arrives. It's crazy how quickly you can lose muscle tone.

  2. good for you!! I know what you mean. matt and I used to go play racketball at the gym while the kids were playing in the kids area and we would have so much fun hanging out and getting a good healthy workout in. I used to teach rock climbing so ive always been in pretty good shape and 3 kids later somehow still 100lbs. BUT I am beginning to sag at 37! So i need to get toning again. You have inspired me. I love working out to the beasty boys and the chili peppers even kid rock! Hee hee. Go girl! That is awesome.

  3. You go girl! Ever since my august wedding I've totally lost all motivation to work out---not having that white dress looming in my future has made for a lot more sitting around, a lot less time logged on the treadmill.

    So I've bought some personal training sessions in hopes that it'll kick my a** into gear (they were having a sale at the gym!). The reason I haven't scheduled them yet? I'm afraid of the weigh in at the first session....

    Keep us updated on your progress as inspiration to the rest of us lazies out here in blogland!

  4. Justin Timberlake is often very helpful :-) As is a good dose of Led Zepplin. :-)

  5. I agree with the Beyonce and JT. Definitely JT. And some Black Eyed Peas for sure.

    I'm trying to start doing Turbo Jam again. I got it going this morning and did about 5 minutes before I had to quit. Any time I start to work out, Saylor wants to be held. She doesn't like it!!