Say It Isn't So!

I just read today over at Urban Grace Interiors that Cottage Living magazine is ceasing publication. You have no idea how bummed out I am about this. I have been a subscriber since day one and have loved every. single. issue. I am totally kicking myself for getting rid of a giant stack last year during one of my annual "I have to much crap in my house and need to de-clutter" phases. Apparently the current Nov/Dec issue will be the last. I leave you with a few of my favorite images from the magazine:

Idea Home 2006:

Table Setting by Fran Keenan:

Fran Keenan's Home:

Lee Kleinhelter's Homes:

I also posted recently on their 2008 Idea Home.

Thank you for four wonderful years of inspiration Cottage Living!


  1. NOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain't so!

    This is terrible terrible news...and I've heard rumors that the same fate may befall Domino. What a tragedy that would be!

    I would HAPPILY pay more for my fave mags if it meant keeping them in publication...

  2. oh...that is such a bummer. and hopefully domino won't go too! I will cry if Dwell leaves me as that is my FAV.