Ruffling My Feathers

I just love coming up with cheesy blog post titles. Good times.

So I'm not sure why, but I have a definite crush on all things ruffly (is that a word?) I don't consider myself a girly girl who is into bows and sparkles and things like that, but ruffles have somehow won over my heart. To keep it from getting too sickly sweet, I prefer ruffles in grays, blacks, creams, or blues.

Here are some etsy finds I am digging:

"Dear" ruffle white purse by Dear Collection. This would be a great accessory for the abundance of holiday parties coming up.

Ruffle wrap dress, by MarissaV. Only a baby can pull off ruffles on the butt.

"Curious Zephyr" shirt, by AftonRiver. In my favorite color of the moment. Just look at the back detailing! Gorgeous.

Ruffled jacket, by Ananya. Structured with a dash of sweet.

"Winter White" leather clutch, by StacyLeigh. Oooh, ruffles in a supple leather. It had me at "Hello".

Those are all nice and lovely, but do you want to know what my favorite ruffled item is?



  1. that is a great ruffle wrap top- i would totally wear that with jeans-soooo cute. yeah- i did my blog header in photoshop- its very easy to create one you just have some type of restrictions which help design it- colors you love, feeling you want to give, etc..but I just LOVE yours! I would not change it ever. love it! I know when you are looking at it everyday it is hard bc you personally get sick of it- but the rest of us love it- so my vote is KEEP it!

  2. These ruffles are all perfect! And I know what you mean about not being girly girl, but I think these work because they're more sculptural/architectural than prissy. Or at least that's what I tell my inner design snob.

    The purses especially appeal. I'm cursed with a superfluous bosom and so try not to draw attention to that particular region...which means all plain shirts, all the time...the closest I'll get to wearing ruffles up top is if I spill the crumbs while munching :)

  3. these are all so great. i especially love the ruffle wrap dress for little girls. sigh.

  4. AH i just LOVE ruffles! so inspirational! What a great collection, thanks for sharing! :)

  5. I adore anything ruffled. They make everything more interesting.