Halloween Re-Cap

Kara the Care Bear. She was such a good sport about being stuffed in such an uncomfortable costume.

Natalie the peacock. I had to run out and buy a long sleeve shirt for her to wear at the last minute because it got pretty cold that day.

Natalie had a blasty-blast trick-or-treating. I think the highlight for me was when an old lady thought she was a Vegas showgirl. I mean, come on, like I would really dress my two year old like that!


  1. so cute! we have that carebear costume too. love it. soooo cute!

  2. The peacock costume is so friggen cute! I have a slight peacock obsession a couple of posts about peacock items on my blog! Love it!

  3. So adorable. The peacock costume turned out great.

  4. oh my! so creative, so adorable!