Day Trip to San Francisco

My husband and I, for the first time since Kara was born, took a day trip all by ourselves to San Francisco this past Sunday. He had been away a lot on business recently, so we were in desperate need of a little one-on-one time.

On our agenda: the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the de Young museum in Golden Gate Park and checking out the S.F. Antique Mall.

First things first: we had to get our grub on. I researched restaurants a bit online the night before we went and came across the website for Slow Club. The menu sounded delicious, it got rave reviews and the prices were reasonable, so we decided to give it a shot.

This photo via flickr. There were too many people standing outside when I was there so I didn't take a pic.

We ended up really liking it. It was pretty busy when we got there at around 10:45 am. The crowd was mostly "hip" looking people in their 20's-30's , so we obviously fit right in. I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad and a Bloody Mary. I don't usually order alcoholic beverages that early in the morning people, but the "spicy vodka" was apparently made right there in the restaurant and that intrigued me.


They weren't kidding when they said it was spicy! Don't worry-I didn't finish it all.

After we were all nice and full, we headed to the de Young museum. Golden Gate park is super crowded on the weekends, so we were literally driving around and around for a half hour trying to find a parking space. We ended up having to hike what seemed like at least a mile to get there, but I enjoyed the scenery along the way:

Check back later this week for parts 2 & 3 of our trip. Part 2 will be about the YSL exhibit and Part 3 will be about the antique mall.


  1. Trips without kids are so important! Good for you all. I love SF. My sister lives there and I try to get there once a year to visit. Fun city! Too much to do.

  2. oh how fun!! :)

    i would love to take a day trip to san francisco. but it'd have to be more like a weekend trip for me. thanks for sharing. glad you had a good time for just the two of you.