Day Trip to San Francisco Part III

Here they are lovelies, my photos from the SF Antique Mall! What a fabulous place...

I figured I needed at least one picture with me in it from the trip!

I really had to restrain myself from buying the rocking horse. It was on sale for $50. Now I am really regretting my decision. The photo on the right is a portion of a painting of the Eiffel Tower.

Silhouettes & a snazzy sewing machine

"FABU" letters and sparkly Eiffel Tower

Chalkboard w/botanical drawings & sewing thread case. How amazing is this case? If I had a craft room I would have totally snatched it up.

Fan & glove molds

Pretty silver urn & apothecary chest

More glove molds and "Fillmore" style zodiac prints

This painting has real feathers! Loads and loads of bird cages.

Pretty in pink ornaments and a wreath made of mollusks!

That's my homeboy Pierre on the left, and an adorable mini piano stool (yet another item I wished I had bought).

Electric blue faux fireplace & blue jay painting. The painting was only $16. Good God, what was I thinking not buying anything??

The bottom got cropped off of this photo, but underneath the guy in the toilet it said "Goodbye cruel world!" It was just too funny and tacky, I had to share! Super groovy phone.

This was my favorite vendor, who expertly merchandised the space with interesting little oddities.

All in all it was a fantastic little getaway for me and the hubs. On our way home we even got to stop at the IKEA in Emeryville for a little bit of shopping! Why I wasted money at IKEA and didn't buy anything at the Antique Mall, I will never quite understand. *Sigh* Hindsight is always 20/20.

Check out my flickr photostream for the full size images of these photos if you'd like. Mosaic maker crops them quite a bit.


  1. i literally gasped when i saw those bird cages! I can't find them ANYWHERE here! Albuquerque is not the greatest place to find antique pieces. So jealous! & I totally can't believe you didn't get the rocking horse! I would've been a bad influence had I been there. :-)

  2. Oh boy, I'm in trouble. Since we moved to the Bay Area I've been avoiding finding the good antique stores because we're trying to save money. But seeing all this great stuff gathered in one place makes me want to throw the budget out the window!

    I have to say I think my fave are the letters spelling 'Fabu'...how adorable would that be in a cheeky little girl's room?

  3. I love the birdcages too, especially since I just saw a photo somewhere of someone who had made one into a light fitting. Although think of all those little birds who spent their life cooped up in there...

  4. ps I went the whole way to Paris and went to 3 flea markets (one HUGE one) and I didn't buy anything either.

  5. great antique finds! Did you buy anything? I took my 5 yr old to a local one here today bc she was home day 3 with strep and needed to get out of the house(me too)! She bought a cute $3 gold "bow" pin that she just looooves. Special day with Mama. We had tea and desert there too. Fun.

  6. ahhh, these pictures are so fabulous! so many beautiful and lovely things.. i do love ikea though. ;) i love everything there and will definitely have to make a trip next time i'm in san fran. thanks for sharing!!

  7. Ooooh, I absolutely LOVE the apothecary. How much was it? Just curious. So much fun...

  8. Amber-I didn't check how much it was-sorry! I figured it was well out of my budget so I didn't even bother to look!