Day Trip to San Francisco Part II

The Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the de young museum was absolutely amazing! To see the designs in person really gives you a whole new appreciation for the mastery that it takes to create garments such as these.

The exhibit features over 100 YSL designs, grouped according to his inspirations drawn from art, theater, history, literature, and nature.

Photography was not allowed, but luckily I found a few brave souls on flickr who managed to snag a few photos:

Above images courtesy Melaina of Daily Fixations.

Above three photos via Natalie on flickr. Great shots for having to be incognito about it!
This photo is courtesy of Kristin on flickr, who took this pic on her iphone. The dress shown on the left was one of my favorites. It is made of tulle, and you can't tell from the photo, but the bodice is pleated on the diagonal. He can even make tulle look classy!

Here is the same knitted wool wedding dress from the exhibit on the runway in 1965. Hmmm...interesting. What do you all think this looks like?

Other famous Saint Laurent looks:

The safari look. Here he is in the style with two of his muses Betty Calroux (left) and Loulou de la Falaise (right) circa 1960's

"Le Smoking" suit. He was the first designer to take the tuxedo and feminize it for women to wear.

Mondrian inspired dress

Picasso inspired dress

Words of wisdom from Saint Laurent:

"I think I attach more importance to the movement of a body than to the way it is dressed. Some women can be dressed in a perfectly ordinary way and be very, very elegant and extraordinary if only by their personalities and their gestures."

"Couture is not an art, but a craft. That is to say, its starting point and aim is something concrete. The body of a woman, is not an abstract idea, is of intrinsic value in itself. A dress is not architecture, it's a house: it is not made to be contemplated but to be lived in, and the woman who lives in it must feel herself beautiful and right in it. Everything else is just craziness."

"But for me, Black is a refuge because it express what I want. With it, everything becomes simpler, more linear, more dramatic."

"Fashion fades, style is eternal."

You can purchase his retrospective book on amazon.

You can watch a short video on the exhibit's opening gala here, which shows footage of the collection.

On a side note, check out the eerie resemblance between YSL and Austin Scarlett, of Project Runway fame.

That's all for today folks, stay tuned for part III of the SF trip: tales from the Antique Mall!

Thanks again to all the ladies who let me use their photos!


  1. oh so jealous! love that first picture! gorgeous!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment Jackie! And what a great post---my huz has been trying to get me to go to the de Young for a while, and now it looks like I'll be the one dragging him there :)

  3. Those are sublime. So awesome that you were able to see this exhibit. Something tells me it won't be coming to St. Louis ...