We're Ready For Halloween! (Well, Almost)

Have I ever mentioned that I am the Queen of Last Minute? Yeah, I have a stamp and everything so it's pretty official.

This week I finally got around to making Natalie's Peacock Halloween costume. I must say, it turned out even better than I had expected.

The basics: A blue velvet leotard and blue tulle "fairy skirt" from Goodwill. Total Cost: $3.00

Now here is where the budget friendliness of the costume went right out the window. You are looking at $25.00 worth of peacock feathers. Who knew those suckers were so darn expensive?

Thick blue cotton tights from Walmart and blue slippers from Dollar Tree. Total cost $5.00

I decided to tackled the skirt first. All I did was hand sew the peacock feathers onto the waistband of the skirt:

If you can see from the picture, I cut the stem down pretty short, then just bent it around the waistband, and sewed several times around to attach it securely. The finished skirt looks like this:

Then I was going to hand sew the two longest stems onto the back of the leotard so that they rose above each of her shoulders. I realized that would not work because she would not be able to get in and out of her car seat that way. I needed a way to attach them once she got out of the car. My brain was not coming up with anything, so I called on my crafty friend Janelle who came to my rescue. She came up with the idea of just hand sewing some simple loops on the back of the leotard, and then just sliding the feathers into them once we got to our trick-or-treating destination. That worked like a charm!

Sorry, but you will have to wait until after Halloween for the pics of Natalie actually in this costume!

As for Kara, I decided to dress her up as a Care Bear. I won a bid for a pink one on ebay 11 days ago and still have not received it in the mail. I am beginning to get a little worried that it won't be here before Halloween.


  1. Oh, that's funny. Peacock costume looks great. I can not believe how crazy people get about Halloween here. I just stood for half an hour in a queue outside Party City - yes, that was half an hour before I even got in the shop. It was chaos. Have you got a costume?

  2. No costume for me. I don't have any parties to go to or anything, so I didn't worry about it. I can't believe you had to wait a half hour just to get in Party City! That's crazy!