On Vineyards and Pumpkin Patches

I've taken a some fun fall trips in the past month and thought I would share a few photos (please see photography disclaimer on the right side bar-I did my best peeps).

Here are some pics I took while visiting the fam in Sonoma County:

These vineyards are right down the road from my parent's house. The leaves are starting to turn golden and they are just breathtaking in person.

Ah, barns. What would fall be without them?

I loved this little light blue house poking out from behind the trees, nestled amongst the vineyards.

Grapes on the vine. *Sigh*

And here are some pics from our annual Half Moon Bay pumpkin patch visit:

Me & my girlies. It's basically impossible to get everyone looking at the camera at once.
You can't beat Farmer John's pumpkin patch. It has the best variety of pumpkins I have ever seen.

Plus it's teeming with sunflowers.

And has a super cool tee pee.

Natalie had a blast.

Stayed tuned tomorrow for a peacock costume update!


  1. looks like you all had a lot of fun! the vineyards are beautiful! & holy cow, Kara is getting so big already!
    Can't wait to see the costume!

  2. these pictures are phenomenal. it totally gets me in the mood for fall!

  3. It looks so gorgeous. As do you and your children - you are a totally yummy mummy!