On Thrifting & Peacock Costumes

I. Love. Thrifting. I can't believe I've never done this before. What was I thinking? To get started on #8 of the list, while my mom was visiting last week we packed up the kiddos and headed into town to check out a few thrift stores. Our first stop was the Friends Of The Hospice store, which had a really great book section. We Picked up a Dora Halloween lift-the flap book, one on butterflies (Natlie's latest obsession) and one of those books with the supplies to make your own fairy for all around $2.00. Crazy.

This book had an original price tag of $16.95. We got it for $0.75!

Here is the fairy Natalie & I made. (Takin care of # 12 on the list too-a double whammy!)

Next up we went to the good ol' Goodwill. I could not believe my eyes when I found the perfect pieces for Natalie's peacock costume:

A blue tulle ballerina-style skirt and a deep blue velvet leotard. Total: $3.00! You may recall the Pottery Barn costume for $119:

I think mine is already cuter! Now all I need to buy is some felt to make the peacock "feathers" for the skirt. Natalie also insists on some real feathers too, so I will be incorporating those somewhow.

I have since found lots more goodies at other stores and estate sales too, so stay tuned for more adventures in thrifting!

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  1. Some great little finds, can't wait to see your pretty little peacock. x