On Curtains & Complete Indecisiveness

I'm thinking of making my family room curtains out of this fabric. What do you all think? I've been wanting to incorporate some mustard yellow and persimmon colors in the space. I have beige couches-boring but practical while the kiddos are young. You can get a feel of the wall color from this pic:

I think it was called "Sandy Dunes".

However, the wall that the curtains will be on is an off-white color, so it doesn't necessarily have to match perfectly.

I'm a bit stumped. I'm thinking it might be a little too mustard-y? Not quite soft enough? Help! Any suggestions greatly appreciated!


  1. No, I think this is great. By the way, I bought a brilliant book called the colour source handbook which helped me match up colours (even though I think I have a pretty good idea.) I have grey walls, a beige sofa and orange curtains - and it works really well - although still not sure about the full on orange curtains. Introducing a bit of colour with a neutral-ish pattern is a great idea. Next, I am lusting after the Marimekko tree fabric - but these orange curtains will have to stay for quite a while - they are IKEA but have ended up costing me a fortune by the time I bought a pole, had it put up, and had to buy linings as the curtains are so flimsy...

  2. I think it could work and bring a little pizazz into the room. Of course it's hard to tell the exact color of things from photos but if it works, go for it.