Crayon Hearts

I'm thinking of making these for Nat. Seems pretty darn simple. I think they would make great birthday party favors. My brain is in party planning mode these days. Within the next six months I have a bridal shower, bachelorette party, Natalie's 3rd birthday and Kara's 1st birthday to plan. Lordy, I'm going to be busy! Feel free to send me any fun tips or ideas for any of those. What I especially need help with is what to serve to eat. I HATE cooking and am always at a loss when it comes to party food.


  1. this looks like a great ideas!
    ps. I just went to an appetizer party the other night & got tons of super easy recipes if you'd like me to send them your way!

  2. These do work really well. My daughter calls them "naked crayons."
    The only problem is that the melted crayon a)smells bad while it's melting and b) won't come off your pans right. I found out the hard way, and now I used disposable tin pans to melt them in.

  3. anyone know where i could find wedding coupons?