Whatever, Martha

This has got to be the best news I've heard all week...

We all claim our love for Martha Stewart day in and day out, but seriously, don't you just get super annoyed sometimes at how "perfect" she is? And I don't know about you, but the "Gentle Reminders" page in her magazine really grates my nerves. It sounds so patronizing. I really don't need to be reminded to keep my insurance up to date or to purchase proper birdseed (Sept. 08 issue. Seriously.)

Ok, back to the good news: Martha's daughter Alexis Stewart and friend Jennifer Koppleman Hutt are the hosts of a new TV show on the Fine Living Network titled Whatever, Martha. They basically sit around, watch clips of Martha's show and poke fun at her. Sounds good to me! For a little sneak peek video, click here.

The show premiers Tuesday, September 16 at 9:00pm on the Fine Living Network. Wait a minute, do I get the Fine Living Network? Crap. In the worst news I've heard all week: I don't get the Fine Living Network. If any of you lovely readers do, give me a few highlights now and then K?

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  1. I just saw an ad for this show and ran to my computer to make sure it wasn't a joke. How exciting!