Sweetie Pie Approved Baby Gear

Now that I am a seasoned pro at this motherhood thing (what with two kids and all) I thought I would do a few posts on baby items that I loved and used day in and day out. I remember when I went to register for my baby shower the first time around how overwhelmed I felt. They give you a gigantic list that has all the things you "must-have" for your baby. I still blame the hormones, but I had a mini panic attack and had to give the list to my husband to lead me through the store and make most of the decisions. From my experience, half of what they say are "must-haves" translates to "you don't really need all this, but we want you and your loved ones to spend as much money here as possible".

To start off, here are the things I found most handy for the very first few days home with baby.

Sleep & Plays


This is what you would find my babies in day in and day out. They are comfortable, keep the baby nice and warm, and you don't need to worry about changing them into pajamas for the night. This is especially helpful during the first few months when there was no discernible "bedtime" anyway. You may be tempted to buy a bunch of the adorable little newborn outfits that are out there, but they grow out of them so fast. Like in a few weeks fast. Plus those outfits are what everyone gets you at the baby shower anyway, so don't waste your money.


For the first few months when your baby still isn't sleeping through the night, a bassinet is ideal. Put it next to your bed so you can easily check on the baby and get him or her out for feedings without having to leave the room. This particular bassinet is the one I have and has a light, "soothing sounds" and vibration. Let me tell you, the vibration has worked really well for calming down my babies when they were newborns.

Pampers SwaddlersObviously you will need diapers, and my favorite are Pampers Swaddlers. They hold a lot of liquid without leaking, are very soft, fit well and have a nice powdery baby scent. I tried Huggies and they just don't compare. You will go through these puppies faster than you can say "poopy diaper" so buy a ton before baby comes so you won't be having to make runs to Target every other day.

Method Baby Detergent


You will be doing tons of laundry. This smells divine. ' Nuff said.



There is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of pacifiers, but for me the benefits outweighed the costs. Some have the view that they lead to problems with nursing, and that a baby needs to learn how to calm themselves on their own. However, when a baby is crying for what seems like an eternity, and the only thing that helps calm them down is a pacifier-believe me it's worth it.


Great for positioning baby for nursing as well as bottle feeding.

Swaddling Blankets

Aden + Anais

I've already written a few posts on how much I love swaddling.

Infant Car Seat
Babies R Us

You have to get your new bundle of joy home somehow! I have a Graco Snugride and have no complaints. It detaches from a base that stays in the car, which is convenient because you can carry baby into a store and back out to the car without disturbing them.

Well, that is all I have for today folks, check back again for another installment of Sweetie Pie approved baby gear.


  1. this is a huge lifesaver! keep 'em coming!

  2. I work in Consumer Relations for Pampers and couldn't help but take time to thank you for the nice comments about Swaddlers!! I'm so glad to hear they work well for you. I wish I would have had access to all your recommendations when my kids were younger! My youngest is 4 :-)