Rachel Zoe Approved

Anyone watch the Rachel Zoe show on Bravo Tuesday? To see how a celebrity stylist works is very intriguing and I'm a bit jealous. Shopping in the best stores all over the world, meeting with top designers, dressing celebs for all the big and little events. I'm sure now there are going to be tons of girls exclaiming "DIE" , "You're shutting it down" and "Bananas" from behind dressing room doors.

On the show they mentioned that Piper Lime has a "Rachel Zoe Pick's" page. Here's a few:

Kind of cool I guess. You can say "Oh, these? Rachel Zoe picked them out for me." and technically you wouldn't be lying.

And of course, the interior snoop in me was checking out her house the whole time. How gorgeous is this black and white floral wallpaper:


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  1. umm, i love the blog. new to me.

    my fav things, martha, rachel. what else??