The Look For Less-Blake Lively

Anyone remember that show on Style network The Look For Less? Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the host (then Yoanna House from ANTM) and they would take a runway look as inspiration then go shop at a local mall to find similar items for way cheaper. I used to love that show, being the frugal gal I am.

Well, I've decided to start a new monthly post called-you guessed it-The Look For Less. Here is my inspiration:

The adorable Ms. Blake Lively in the perfect outfit for fall. It is very basic; in fact I am sure many of you have half the wardrobe already in your closet. A nice, basic, heather gray tshirt and jeans are a "comfy gal's" staples. To finish the look, just throw on a lovely knee length tweed jacket, hip gray boots and a brown patent tote and you're ready to go!

All these items from Target:
Mossimo Kinsey Boots-$34.99
Mossimo Skinny Jeans-$24.99
Mossimo Crew Neck Tee-$8.99
Mossimo Distressed Tote-$32.99

Jacket from Burlington Coat Factory:
23rd Street Tweed Coat-$79.99

Grand Total: $181.95!

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  1. Those boots are so terrific. I was looking for some charcol boots that didn't cost an arm and a leg. Good find.