I'm Off...

I took this pic last time we were in Monterey. Not bad, eh?

...to beautiful Monterey with my family for the day. Going to meet some friends there, have a nice lunch, check out the aquarium and walk around the wharf.

As for my birthday festivities tomorrow:
My hubby offered to watch the kids all day so I can do as I please. Yipee!
So, I'm getting up early to go "treasure hunting" (yard sales) with my lovely friend and her mom.
Going to get a mani/pedi.
Going out to dinner and dancing with my friends.
Good times.
By the way, operation make a beeline to Forever 21 failed miserably. They didn't have any of the items I picked from online. Not one. I think I'm going to have to go with the old trusty black sweater look. Oh well.

Oh, and my hubby is going to take me on a dinner cruise on the San Francisco bay within the next month. We just need to find a sitter.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. ooo happy birthday friend! ♥

    i adore yard sales, hope you find some good treasures!