Ashley Whittaker Design

I am loving this New York designer's portfolio of work. A modern take on traditional silhouettes always appeals to me.

This zebra print wallpaper might be too bold for a larger space, but works well in a small, pass-through area such as this hall. I love that the print is in a beautiful royal blue color and not the usual black or brown.

I'm big on symmetry. I'm even bigger on symmetrical lamps. These are wonderful, the shape and color really pop against the white walls. Again she uses a colorful zebra print, this time in a powder blue and on matching ottomans.

More symmetry pleasing me here with the two white tables, chairs and matching pillows. Great pattern on the floor rug.

Ahh, white. You can't go wrong with white. I love the lantern hanging above the tub. I have mixed feelings about open shelving. They always look nice when styled for photos, but in real life I don't think many people's towels would be folded that neatly.

Don't you just want to spend a whole afternoon (or lifetime) lounging by this pool, sipping lemonade and reading magazines? I know I do.

Via Inspiration For Everyday Living.

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  1. i loooooove white. i'm just afriad my future children will wreek havoc on it. True? ps. I love me some white coral! I saw some at the aquarium gift shop but couldn't get myself to spend $35. :-(