I am inheriting this nice little wingback chair from my grandmother. It obviously needs some TLC; I will be re-upolstering it and re-doing the wood. I've compiled a few sources of inspiration below.

I'm loving this simple, sophisticated look. I have a feeling though, that a plain black chair wouldn't look right in my home. Photo source unknown.

Ikat print is definitely a fave lately. From Pottery Barn.

I also really like a bold black & white print. From Pottery Barn.

Or perhaps a funky floral? From Anthropologie.

Decisions, decisions. Help me out, oh loyal readers and leave a comment on your vote or suggestion.


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  2. Totally go with the black and white print from PB. It catches my eye every time I'm flipping through the catalog.

  3. Ohhh, I can't pick just one. I would probably go for the yellow one and then the black and white one from PB.