Peek A Boo Chandelier

On a recent episode of Myles of Style, Kim made the coolest chandelier I had ever seen:

This project was so simple. She took a plain white drum shade, took off the fabric cover, then wrapped wide, sheer ribbon around the frame several times until covered. Then she placed it over a "crystal" chandelier, and voila: a unique and fun lighting feature. What a great idea, I thought, so I went on over to the hgtv website to see if I could find a pic (which I did, above). Here I found the cost breakdown: $180 for chandelier, $30 for drum shade and $20 for ribbon. That's only $230 total for a rather showstopping piece!

Imagine my surprise, as I was perusing the Horchow website today to find this:

Practically an exact match! Only this puppy will run you $2,350. Ah, the wonders of DIY: fun and cost effective too. If only I had a formal dining room to put one in...

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  1. Just today I recvd a HORCHOW catalog and recognized Ms. Myles chandeleir treatment replicated in at least six of their offerings, ranging from several hundred to a couple of thousand dollars! Incredible! I'll be making this shaded chandeleir treatment this week, for about $50 in materials. When it's complete I'll post a pic. Thanks for posting the HGTV article!