More Tori & Dean Interiors

Oh, my my my. What has happened over at the new McDermott household? I mean, really? This is how you decorated your new digs? I think her baby hormones caused her to make some very rash decisions. (Sorry Tori, no offense girlfriend.)

Here is the Formal Living Room. Not too fond of the orange sofa or the black fireplace. Everything looks too heavy.

I don't even know where to start when it comes to the Formal Dining Room. Basically just: YUCK.

They managed to even screw up the bathroom. The wallpaper looks like it has gargoyles on it (which I'm sure it doesn't, I'm just sayin...)

Not a big fan of the baby blue walls. The curtains and lamps look like they came from my Grandma's house.

Of course Tori goes all out with the pink in Stella's room. And you all know how I feel about pink.

I don't know, maybe it all looks better in person.

There are a few saving graces in the home, however. One of them being the backyard; I love the pool and lush landscaping:

And I really love this picture wall:

Cool octopus wallpaper in Liam's room. I think he has the best room in the house:

The Family Room is nice. Looks a little "Model Home-ish" though:

In the kitchen, they went for a more safe, classic design. Marble counters, subway tile back splash, stainless steel appliances; you know the drill:

Lastly, this sign is just so clever and fun:

All pictures from Oxygen.


  1. I agree. They used way too many dark colors, it reminded me of a cave.

  2. I've only seen the show a handful of times but I agree with you 100%. The picture wall is my favorite.

  3. i think it's ablsolutely fabulouse, every bit of it. especially the octopus wallpaper...and the orange tufted sofa...and the beautiful wallpaper in the bathroom...love love love!

  4. i mean fabulous...i loved it so much i forgot how to type!

  5. there's no picture of their family room with the sofa that is one big chaise lounge...i would love to find out where they got that sofa. anyone know???

  6. Tori has so many great ideas. I love her & I love the show. Her style is more shabby chic & I don't think everyone understand the concept. I love the old classy look w/ some glamour. I didn't like the bathroom's wallpaper, but we all know her husband hate it as well. I love the dinning room, but I'm not a fan of the wallpaper. She has great style and so many unique things. You don't have to buy everything the same or in the same pattern, you just have to have a little imagination.
    Vanessa / Miami Beach