If you read my favorites list, I mentioned I love calendars. Maybe it stems from it being a family tradition to give calendars for Christmas, symbolizing the end of the year and gearing up for a new one full of possibilities. When I used to work (before babies came) I had a giant paper calendar sitting on my desktop, along with one of those 365 page small stand-up ones. At the beginning of each day I would cross off the prior day in highlighter on the big one and rip off the previous days page on the little one. It was a daily ritual for me that had to be done first thing in the morning, but not a moment sooner because I firmly believe that if you cross off a day before it has ended, you will have bad luck for the remainder of that day (I have no idea where or why I came up with that, but I believe it nonetheless) . My co-workers thought I was a bit OCD about it. Good times.

I was very excited yesterday when I did a search for "2009 calendars" on etsy, to see that several shops are already offering theirs for sale. Here are a few that I already have my eye on:

Turtle Papers (My current fave)

Cecily Ink

A rather silly way that I choose my calendars is that if September, my birthday month, has a good picture then I will buy it!

So here's to happy calendaring! (It totally just made that word up. You can do those kinds of things when you blog you know.)

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  1. These are all such good finds. The Turtle Papers one is my favorite too.