Dress My Nest-Reverse Style

I love the TV show Dress My Nest on the Style network. Designer Thom Felicia takes a few items of inspiration, usually clothing, from the home owner and then creates a room around those items. I ran across a dress online today that instantly reminded me of the chairs in a room that I totally love. So I decided to do my own version of Dress My Nest, this time in reverse.

Inspiration room:

The outfit inspired by the room:

Black Sweater=Sofa
Yellow Marc Jacobs Purse=Pillows on Sofa
Bracelet=Mirrored Coffee Tables
Light Blue Pumps=Wall Color

Click here for info on the individual fashion items I used.
Unfortunately I cannot remember the source of the room photo. If you recognize it, drop me a line so I can give proper credit.


  1. Love this. I would wear it in a heartbeat.

  2. So this entry came up in "You Might Also Like" today and I can help -- the room was designed by Emma Pilkington for Chris Cuomo and his family. It was in Elle Decor last year.

    I remember it partly b/c I'm obsessed with those coffee tables, and also b/c I have an inexplicable crush on Chris Cuomo :)