Project Runway Season Five Tonight!!

I'm so excited that one of my favorite shows is back on tonight! I can't wait to see what happens this season, from the crazy contestants to the even crazier challenges. And of course I can't wait to hear "Make it work" and "Carry on!" again from the lovely Tim Gunn (he is the whole reason I bought the Keep Calm and Carry On poster).

I headed on over to bravotv.com to check out the designer bios; I like to get a leg up on them before the show starts. Just on the bio alone, for me the ones to watch are Jennifer who says her design theory is Holly Golightly attends a Salvador Dali exhibit; Leanne who describes her style as innovative, structural and sophisticated (plus she's from Yuba City , a fellow NorCal girl-Holla!); and Wesley, whose design style is clean, classic, and sophisticated. I don't usually get into the funkier, more avant- garde designer, but looks like there are several of them. You have to take a look at Jerrell, who just needs a stick with a handkerchief tied on the end and his hobo outfit would be complete. Then there is Terri with the furry pants. Nuff said.

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