Kara's Birth Announcements

I finally got around to putting together some birth announcements for Kara. I was originally going to order some photo announcements online, but they all were going to end up costing at least $50 for 25. That just seemed a little outrageous to me, so I decided to take the opportunity to get crafty. Not too crafty though, because free time is scarce these days .

Anywhoo- I picked up some cute note cards from Target (that's pronounced Tar-jay people), printed them myself with her stats and slapped her picture on 'em. I think they turned out pretty cute. I am especially pleased with the color combo. Do you know how hard it is to find cute baby girl announcements that are not pink? Nearly impossible. I don't know who decided that pink should be the color for baby girls. Pink is cute and all, but man after one girl it sure gets played out.

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  1. I know that you posted this over a month ago and you may never see this comment but GAH! these are so cute.