If only I lived in Seattle...

...I would be able to shop at this fabulous store, Maison Luxe. Check out the blog All Things Bright and Beautiful for a great interview with the owner. Thankfully the store also has a blog, which I will be visiting frequently for a feast of eye candy. According to their blog: "The philosophy at Maison Luxe is simple: surround yourself with things you love! Who can resist a gorgeous faux-zebra pillow? Or a candle that smells like the first spring rain? Giant clam shells, and gold leaf sunburst mirrors, horn cups and fabulous vintage treasures are all things we can't imagine living without!" Ooh, just reading that makes me happy!

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  1. Sweetie pumpkin pie noodle ( Your blog name makes me smile you know!!)

    Am so glad you enjoyed the post - Kelie's shop looks gorgeous doesn't it!