The Chandelier Seen 'Round The World

So we all know that this Capiz chandelier is a hot item in homes and doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I mean everyone and their mom has one of these. I don't blame them, they are very lovely, but I like some of the variations on the theme even better:

Serena Drum Chandelier, Oly
My absolute favorite. I love drum chandeliers of any sort, and this is a creative take on the silhouette.

Capiz 3 Light Vanity, Ballard Designs
This would be so pretty in a bathroom. I love the color.

Capiz Ceiling Mount, Ballard Designs
Simple, yet stunning. Imagine how luminescent this would look in person.

Serena Bowl Chandelier, Oly
Another lovely option. Perhaps over a kitchen table?

Capiz Shell Floral Pendant Light, Target
I think this would be super chic hanging in a baby's nursery.


  1. you have me in complete agreeance on that last one! i've seen it on sale for a mere $15 and it took everything in me not to buy for my future children!

  2. Marvelous selection of these chandelier!! I would like to pick one for my kitchen...