Mystery Craft Revealed

Ta Da! Here's the finished product folks: custom wall art for my bedroom. I am so pleased with the outcome, especially by how cheap these puppies were to make. The inspiration started with the plastic placemats, which were 90% off (yes-90%-they were practically giving that Whim by Cynthia Rowley stuff away at Target). There were only three left, so I knew I wouldn't be using them for their intended purpose, but I love white and I love the cane detailing so I bought them all up for a mere 20 cents!

The next day I got an email from Aaron Brothers Framing that they were having a buy one, get one frame for a penny sale.

Hmmm...the little wheels started turning...

Then I remembered how I had always wanted to frame a few pages from the Curiosities book, which I had bought for only $25 at Barnes and Noble. I knew that had to be a bargain, and sure enough, those things are selling for over $100 online!

Making these was very simple. First I cut the placemats and colored paper down to fit inside the frame to make the matte. Next I picked out three butterfly prints to use from the book, cut those out, and adhered them to the front middle of the matte. Lastly I just popped them in the frames. For all three pieces I spent a mere $45. Holla!


  1. i LOVE these. Very inventive & oh so chic! I'm so glad I found your blog!

  2. wow you have an amazing eye, to think if using those tablemats, great idea